Executive Technicians Guild, Inc.



document Imaging

Our 10 Step Process:


Step #1: Secure Intake

We will pick up your documents and securely deliver them to our facility


Step #2: Pilot Package

Using a sample collection from your documents provided, RTG will perform our entire, PREP, SORT,SCAN and ARCHIEVE process. the finished product will be submitted for your review.


Step #3: Your Feedback

Using the product created in process #2, you, as the customer, can review the output product and verify that it's exactly hat you want and were expecting. Once verified and approved, your product will go into full production.

Step #4: Document Preparation

Working through every document, we will remove all staples, paper clips and folded corners; repair and/or recopy any damaged document. We will them bar-code the beginning of each processing point.


Step #5: Scanning

Using our high speed, high tech scanners, the scan process will begin. Only the highest quality outputs are accepted.


Step #6: Scan / Image Quality Control

Using the highest quality equipment to scan, we also manually check to output of each scan process to ensure: no missing pages, no folded pages, no streaking, and visible highlighted text.


Step #7: Indexing

Indexing or filing, uses the pre bar-coded documents to organize and create the filing structure for your future document retrieval.


Step #8: OCR Process

RTR will perform an Optical Character Recognition process that can allow full search capabilities.


Step #9: Final Quality Control

Our final QA process reviews all the above processes and does a final check of the output product quality.

Step #10: Delivery

ETG will deliver your files in any format requested, on any media type; whether removable / external drives, DVD Tape, or in a document Imaging server for everyday use.